Streetscape Finish Information


High Quality exterior enamel.

(ML) Manilla Tan – Between an off white and a light tan.

Designed to accommodate the majority of U.S. home color combinations.


This is a unique, proprietary finish first offered in the late 1980’s and discovered by accident using a blend of chemical and hand worked processes on brass.

The PAP Finish is NOT uniform nor is it intended to be. Each box is hand finished and will vary from one to the next depending on many factors including, temperature, humidity, and variations in metal composition.

When new, the finish will have varying degrees of red and brown, with even some pink and yellow possible. As it ages, all of those colors will darken and dull, becoming more uniform with time. This is a natural brass finish, uncoated, and is designed to darken and dull with age.

The amount of patina IF ANY (blue/green highlights), will not increase over time even if exposed to the ocean. Some styles including most wall mount mailboxes do not show any patina.


We do not accept returns on the basis of finish variation.

The interior of our mailboxes are wiped clean, but unfinished (raw yellow brass) and may have some residual streaks as a result of the finishing process.